Summer SUP machines models!

Just delivered the summer orders. Very excited with new technologies on our new models.

here a sneak peak!

Never been easier to cut channels, rail grabs,step decks,  just beautiful finish on all cuts!

some other companies include cheap wood router, not Revolucion! we including a watercooled CNC spinlde for pain free usage for years to come. You will never need to change your brushes like cheap wood router, quiet and vibration free operation.Perfect for surfboard or cutting metals, hard wood, plastic or foam.

Heavy duty copper radiator and dual fan with a digital water temp gauge to show the temperature of the spindle at all time.

Revolucion is the BEST machine money can buy and guess what, it is the least expensive heavy duty professional setup in the world.

With speed up to 14 000mm per minutes, this machine chews anything you throws at it.

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