Revolucion Surfboard Shaping Machine is now partner with Shape 3d for a new software option .

Shape3d is a extremely powerfull software to shape surfboards, kite,windurf and paddle boards. With this software you can design more complicated board design like channels, step deck etc..

We are proud to be partner with them to make Revolucion Machines more versatile and become the best machine maker in the surf industry.

check it out at


note: We will continue to work with Boardcad and support the open source options but we want to be able to offer all the options possible. Every software has it strenght and weakness. We will post the new prices for Shape 3d on the machine page soon.






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2 comments on “Shape3d
  1. Caio Gonzalez says:


    My name is Caio, I am from Brazil.
    I know how to use shape3d but my knowledges are limited. I would like to know if you have lessons about shape3d.

    If so, how much? How to book?


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