new rotary 4th axis shaping machine sneak peek video

I have been working really hard making our machines the best at the best prices, the 4 th axis machine are now added to the line as an option but the good news is that all machine are upgraded to watercooled real cnc spindle router,no more cheap wooden router like our competitors.

You can control the speed through the software and just beautiful cut with a tool that last years… Not months!

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2 comments on “new rotary 4th axis shaping machine sneak peek video
  1. Peter Ross says:

    Hi louis
    My name is Peter Ross and we manufacture EPS Sailboards Surfboards and SUP here in South Australia
    I have been looking at your cnc which may be what we are looking for in the near future.
    Just have some questions. How much more is a 4 axis compared to a 3 axis in the 14’x 40”model?
    Can your hot wire cut straight from a block of eps 8’L x 4’H x 2’W ?
    Peter Ross
    Ph 61 417668120

    • Louis Robert says:


      Sorry the site has been hacked and i receive the messages months later, better emailing at
      For your questions, the 4th axis cost 2000$ more than a 3 axis machine. You can cut a block 10″ thick maximum. This not a ideal for a coupleblank factory but more to cut blanks for a surfboard factory as the process is slow, one by one instead of a blank machine that can cut massive blocks.


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