*prices in U.S currency
  • SKIM BOARD                     4′  x 36”    $19000
    * this machine does not include Shape3d
  • KITE and WAKE                 6′  x 36”    $28 000
  • SHORTBOARDS                8′  x 36”    $32 000
  • LONGBOARDS / SUP      12′ x 36”   $39000
  • STAND UP PADDLE         14′ x 40″   $42 000
  • $1700 us per foot after 14 feet , length up to 20 feet, custom machine available.

           All prices are in US dollar, shipping not included but lots of other goodies included!  please email for quotes HERE or  write us at . You can also call us at 250 466 5328


  • SERVO motors option (for more info on the difference between stepper and servo click HERE                                    $4000
  • Liquid Cooled High Precision CNC Spindle  now included FREE  : no more cheap wooden router like our competitors, wooden router need to be replace yearly as they are not made to run 24hrs/day , these water cooled spindle last years and fully integrated speed control through the software , value of $1500 included.
  • Super heavy duty pump for EPS SUP : now included FREE
  • Touchscreen computer included on all machines
  • Hotwiring module to cut  EPS blanks : now included FREE
  • Technician training for 4 days (customer supply accomodation and planetickets) $4000
  • Extra long bullnose for SUP machine: 5” long x 1.25″ wide       $600
  • Cyclone dust blower                                                              $1000
  • Dust shoe KENT CNC                                                             $200
  • PVC dust panels, choice of clear, white or grey: now included FREE
  • Shape3x lifetime license upgrade  $2000 (machine comes with 1 year license)

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT COMPARE REVO MACHINES WITH CHEAP COMPETITOR MODELS, I do not build a cheap version of my design or compromise the quality of my product.  All of my machines use the same design, parts and quality, I use the best Linear rails, Italian made rack and pinion system, no cheap belts and home made mechanics like the others. I use European and American parts that found on $75000+ machines. I do not compromise quality for profit. I cant stress this enough, not all machines are the same. I am making less profit than other builder as a choice, I build every machines one by one by me ,Louis Robert.  I limit my production to 6 to 8 machines per year to keep quality to the highest standard in the industry. The reason i build each one is that i enjoy what i do, I have spend years to come up with a system that beats anything found on the market at the best price possible. This is my commitment to the industry that i have been part and love for 25 years. I have shaped thousands of boards by hand and i knows how difficult the board building career is.This machine will save the western surf industry by letting smaller shop have a shot at the same level of the big guys. Now for the price of a small car, your factory, big or small can be on the cutting edge and STAY there because my machine is easily up-gradable as the technology around us evolve. I built a modular system that will never be outdated.