This is a question i get lots when a customer ask about my product,


Just a word, If you are the type of person who likes to overpay for things, than this article is not for you…

Here are the reasons why we are able to deliver a superior product at a better price. A better product, what does that mean? Our machines are actually better than all of the machines in the surfboard industry , I wouldn’t have been able to say that when i first started but now they are the best.

First: Why better?

We actually use superior or equal components than all of the others. The frame is Bosch, the motors are made in the USA (stepper and servo option), We use real cnc spindle. Our Z axis doesn’t use belts but a highest quality ball-screws and double rails on each side of the gantry, much stiffer, stronger and more precise than any belts system. We use high quality Italian reduction gear boxes.

If you compare the machine made in the USA to ours. Their home made belts system “accu-belt” is pieces of cut aluminum extrusions, its just plain cheap. It maybe ok for a hobby machine but for a $50000?? It doesn’t make sense. Now compare my system to that. Here is a picture bellow, there is just no comparison. Revo uses extremely tough parts, machined on a cnc mill to extreme precision in a milling factory in Europe.


Some of the other companies were bragging about how good their “arm system” worked better than my “central beam” design on their blogs, but now they all switched to my design realizing that in fact, my design is superior.

The Disk Design:

Then there is the other machines made in Australia. The two brands look the same. The board moves instead of the router moving, this means that if you need to cut a 20 foot racing SUP, you would need a machine 40 feet long, so twice as long as the Revolucion to do the same job. The cost of the square footage needed to accomodate such a large machine and the extra shipping cost would equal to buy 2 Revolucion machines!  Their design is not practical for large boards. They are using a cutting disk instead of a router bit, meaning  that they cant contain the dust, as the tool turns 360 degrees it shoots dust all over, making a dust storm in your shop everyday sticking to everything and anything. The disk cost 1000$ to replace and you cant cut fin boxes or make signs for  trade shows or side jobs like fins or paddles molds for SUP. To me, the disk design doesn’t fit and utilize the full potential of your CNC.

The Kit:

Building a cnc without experience with precision dials and tools is a very bad idea. Seriously, save your money a little longer and buy one pre made unless you really know what you are getting into. Building a CNC machine is no joke!


We don’t ship our machines apart like other companies. Often, they ship their machine in a box because its easier and cheaper for them, but you will not be able to put your machine together by yourself. Cnc machines are not a piece of Ikea furniture that can be put together out of a box. They are HI-TECH robotic machine that require safe shipping . Getting the machine shipped apart can take up to a year to cut a decent board, trust me i know one.


The “BRAIN” of the machine… bad software = bad machine, period. No way around it and i learned the hard way. Some companies try to do it all, making their own machines and own software but we believe by doing this you get two mediocre products. We use the best software, SHAPE3dX  and the best machine. Absolutely unbeatable!

Yes the software is expensive for us but we believe in it. We spend a lot more money than the other guys, because we want the best. So we include Shape3d with all our machines. Why not having the best brain for your machine?  You can try the other and you will see what we are talking about.

Other Software:

Boardcad is buggy but free so no complaint , Kms is just plain brutal to use,  Aku is past due and Boardcad does the same thing for free.  Surfcad-cam just doesnt come close to Shape3d and they are selling Shape3d as an upgrade on their machines?  So the question is?  If their software is so good why are they selling Shape3d as an UPGRADE?

So the big questions?

How can we do all of this better for cheaper?

  1. We have extremely low overhead . We own a 3000sqft factory and don’t pay rent. We don’t advertise, do any trade shows and we do all our own web design and logos
  2. The most important factor in all the reasons why we are less expensive and better than the others, is because we made a conscious decision to take less profit in order to live our passion and to help our customers to live theirs as well. So we hope that together, we will grow this industry that we love. Big or small companies,we can all live our dreams, as simple as that.
  3. We never intended to become a huge company, We build 6 to 8 machines per year, keeping our production extremely limited so we take the time to build each machine with care. For us, its not just about the money , we are very passionate about the board industry and excited to work with our customers and potential partners. We are all pioneers in this new frontier, what a exciting time!

We build the machines, You build the boards , and the world gets to enjoy them!


Louis Robert -Machine Builder