The machine is sold with  the new rails and mechanic, run and look new.


  • cut up to 10’4 longboards x 30” wide
  • smooth stepper, just plug USB and there you go.. no more old printer port or dated computers.
  • full tested, cut awesome, you can see the 10’3” longboard on previous pots was cut on this machine with the old style rails. the new style just scream!!
  • hotwire bow EPS blank module included with variable transformer.
  • high output pump for suction cups
  • 15” of Z axis travel
  • touchless sensor limit switch all around. no more mechanical switch that get stuck with foam dust.
  • laser centering system.
  • dust shoe
  • software included
  • top of the line extrusion frame. super solid.
  • full self greasing rails, heavy duty bearings made to run all day long.
  • cut wings, swallow tail, step deck, perfect rails.


This machine is awesome, will cut anything you throw at it, timber, triple stringers, PU, EPS, make your own blanks.

will ship worldwide at buyers cost. You get some of the cleanest cut i seen,!

If you are on a budget this is the time.


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  1. Revolucion Shaping co., we wanted to let you know that we LOVE the new machine, even if its used, its mowinmg foam like a new machine. louis made sure everything was tight before shipment, we have been stocked running this machine 24/7 non stop for weeks, no issues!! thansk revo!

    dont go for asnythinng else, VIVA LA REVOLUCION! Eric

  2. We just purchased the 14′ SUP version, this thing rocks, few little issue setting up shape3d but in few hours we were cutting raceboards like nothing, dont hesitate, Louis’s machine deliver.


  3. thanks for the best shaping machine, super simple, louis came to set it all up. cant be betterm we cut 4 boards and hr on these!! trhanjs louis and revo team!

  4. Louis Robert says:

    thanks guys!
    i really appreciate the feedback!!


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