Shaping Machine


We created a extremely tough machine that includes everything you need to run your board business.  From shaping , sign cutting, Eps blank hot-wiring. This is one tough machine that will cut aluminum, plastic, wood, foam at a tolerance of +/-0.005″ with incredible speed up to 14 000mm per minutes.

Our goal was to build a extremely tough product that could do everything a normal CNC can do. With everything included at a price point that board companies can afford.

This machine is plug and play,  heavy duty,  it will run day in, day out and will cut 3 to 4 short boards/hr starting at $15 000us for the skim model.

Now that is a REVOLUCION!


  • Stepper motors or Servo motors as an option
  • Digital drivers
  • Aluminum frame, super stiff and versatile
  • Cut up to 4 shortboards per hour
  • SHAPE3D 1 year license and BOARD CAD included
  • Touchscreen mounted on the machine with software preloaded
  • SUP stabilizing bars included, also use for tabletop conversion for signage and stringer cutting
  • Cuts stringers,rails, concave or any complex shape you can think of with Shape3x layer function
  • Cuts swallow tails,step deck and channels
  • 18” of travel on the Z axis so you can cut very deep foam block
  • simple and smart design, easy to maintain
  • Italian made rack and pinion system, fast, strong and extremely precise at +/- 0.005″ tolerance
  • reduction gear boxes found on $75000+ machines
  • PVC dust panels to minimize the dust
  • Liquid cooled CNC spindle with VFD. control speed through software, HEAVY DUTY
  • laser centering system with software integration
  • inline suction cup system that doesn’t distort the board
  • easy reach STOP button, SAFETY!
  • up to 20 feet in length for extra long rescue boards , SUP or kayaks. custom design available
  • easy to operate
  • easy to maintain and grease nipple all around
  • highest quality rails and self greasing bearings
  • Prices… why cheaper ? the machine is much better than all of the other machines on the market but because I dont advertise, i keep production limited to 6 to 8 machines /year and i own my factory so the overhead is lower than some, the saving goes in YOUR pockets!
  • This is not a KIT, the machine is plug and play, 110v or 240v
  • 25 years experience in the board industry, I was a shaper forsome of the top labels like T&C hawaii, Sharp Eyes and more.. I know better what a factory need than a regular cnc company that has no experience of the board industry
  • 1 year warranty on all parts
  • 2 year phone support, Skype training or technician on site
  • lifetime email service, will never let you hang dry. YOU are covered 364 days a year , I am always available to help.

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CONTACT LOUIS for more info, You can call on his personal phone at 250 466 5328 at any time, will take time to answer all of your questions. no stock machine, they are all made custom to order for your needs.  PAYPAL ACCEPTED!